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Assist. Prof. Dr. Osman SİVRİKAYA
Adana Science and Technology University is a dynamic university with modern laboratories, classrooms, infrastructure and active, young, powerful academic staff, which will meet technical and educational demand of Çukurova region.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Lütfü SARIBULUT
Rapidly evolving Adana BTU is surely advancing on the way of being shining star of Cukurova with its young and experienced personnel. Adana BTU has given a start to education and training activities with BSc and MSc programs and going to provide graduates who can meet the requirements of age.
Muhammed Ubeydullah Döğer
Firstly, the education is 100% English. This impressed me. Each Class has 10 to 15 students. Even though the university doesn’t have a campus, it is not a problem. Our education is the best!
Adana STU is a beautiful university for a good career because my university has important plans. People should choose Adana STU for this. Adana STU gives a qualified education and has a great staff.
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